Ophelia (allegrafade) wrote in declinegothica,

Sunday 20th

Hey there

just saying on here that looking forward to the shoot next Sunday (20th) with Jayne and co. Thus far attempting to get any naiad style clothes together whilst packing for holiday - in an ideal world this would not be at that last mintue with my better haklf showing up in like 4 hours. But as they say, oops :)

Just commenting here that I'll be bringing my lovely otherhalf Chris aka liquidcube to the shoot with me. He's a gifted artist/ photographer/ musician/ I'm pretty sure he said there was more after this. He's with me for a week and figured its a way of seeing him when not posing for pictures. Hoping this is OK we're looking forward to it followi9ng our holiday.

Anyways most importantly wanted to post up this v lovely pic taken of me by damiens this past Saturday; I had a world of fun of this shoot and he;s out of the best people I have worked with so far. Enjoy and will see you guys in a week. 

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