Peter Allison (peterallison) wrote in declinegothica,
Peter Allison

Joy Division II: The Follow Up

As I commented to Dave after last month's Joy Division shoot, the initial concept for the shoot seemed to grow into a more dystopian vision (Such as the forthcoming Digital Fatherland). I was curious to see if we could explore these themes of martial law and corporate states further.

Musically inspired by the works of Fear Factory (Notably their Obsolete album), Rammstein, and later Marilyn Manson. With such cinematic imagery of Equilibrium, Ultraviolet (Both by Kurt Wimmer, and come highly recommended), Blade Runner, and Akira.

The date of the shoot has been pencilled for the 9th July, with Pheemayl who is eager to work with Dave once again. Would anyone else be interested in being involved with this shoot?
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