Dave Charsley (davecharsley) wrote in declinegothica,
Dave Charsley

Digiart Stock Shoot

Over the last few days I've been slowly uploading "Stock" images onto spida_x's new Digiart site. So far it's been mainly the ruins of Abbeys, Churches and Cathedrals I've photographed on my travels. What I would really like to do over the next few months is start getting some stock photos of the Declinegothica models on there for some of the other artists to use. There is already some amazing talent, including Dark Cryptorium, Hyde, Destiny and Conzpiracy.

Obviously it's great promotion for the models involved, as if their shot's get used by the artists, they'll end up with some great images for their portfolio. If anyone has seen Conzpiracy's latest work with tragic_wrath, I doubt you'll need much convincing!

Is anyone interested in getting involved? It would probably be us nipping down the local cemetery at first with a few props but might get a little more glamorous as time goes by.

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