Dave Charsley (davecharsley) wrote in declinegothica,
Dave Charsley

Digi Art Opening

Some of you might remember last year, myself and spida_x were discussing starting a "stock" account on Deviant Art.  The main idea being to encourage other artists and to get exposure for models that we'd work with.  Well he's gone one better than that and created his own Website called Digiart.  

The Site will officially open this coming Saturday, please go have a look, join up and display your work.

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Cheers Dave
Lets hope it takes off.

Have built area in forums for Decline Gothica Group and made you Group Moderator of that area.
You may have already received emails notifying you.

Dont forget you could maybe also help out in the stock area with your photographs of places objects etc etc.
I'm always in need of skulls if you have anything.

I know you probabbly would't want to upload anything you wish to use in your own images but I'm sure you would have some images amongst them you could upload :)

By the way your first album creation on the site is in the wrong area.
You made it in the Stock Galery rather than the Artists gallery.
Have sent you a PM on site.

Laters Pal