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As I've not been posting so much on Modelling Communities Recently.... [25 Mar 2008|03:47pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

Here's a little selection of my favourites taken over the last 3-4 months....

The Vampire and the Violin (by Andreas Beck  [info]karohemd )  



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advertising [20 Dec 2007|07:36pm]

Hello all

Hope Dave doesnt mind me advertising here, but its beneficial to him too!

I have a brand spanking new website

Clickety Click

Go see
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decline christmas do? [22 Nov 2006|09:32pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I have an idea.

Who fancies a Declinegothica xmas meet-up for drinkies / meal / outing of some description?


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Nocturnal Photoshoot [03 Sep 2006|11:18pm]

Many of you may be aware of the Nocturnal Magazine shoot on September 30th, (see nocturnal_uk) but I thought I'd share these images with you from the first shoot we did back in July. Copyright of Felicity Matten Photography www.flikie.deviantart.com

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Sunday 20th [11 Aug 2006|07:10am]

Hey there

just saying on here that looking forward to the shoot next Sunday (20th) with Jayne and co. Thus far attempting to get any naiad style clothes together whilst packing for holiday - in an ideal world this would not be at that last mintue with my better haklf showing up in like 4 hours. But as they say, oops :)

Just commenting here that I'll be bringing my lovely otherhalf Chris aka liquidcube to the shoot with me. He's a gifted artist/ photographer/ musician/ I'm pretty sure he said there was more after this. He's with me for a week and figured its a way of seeing him when not posing for pictures. Hoping this is OK we're looking forward to it followi9ng our holiday.

Anyways most importantly wanted to post up this v lovely pic taken of me by damiens this past Saturday; I had a world of fun of this shoot and he;s out of the best people I have worked with so far. Enjoy and will see you guys in a week. 

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3 years with Dave [27 May 2006|02:38pm]

Hey all

I've just realised (well, an hour ago) that I've been working with Dave for nearly 3 years!

As such I'd like to do, if he can fit me in, a couple of hours on Saturday 17th June - I'm being selfish and ideally want to do a solo AND nothing is at all confirmed yet, but I'm mentioning it here because I'd like to do something really special and I need creative input, and lets face it as a group we've got lots.

Anyone able to think of anything they wouldn't mind giving away? If it doesn't pan out, there'd be solo session ideas for future use for others stored handily, ready for the taking....
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Zombie Shoot Discussion's [25 Apr 2006|02:53pm]

Tragic and myself have opened a post over at grr_arrg_brains (As Good A Place As Any) to discuss arangements for the shoot.
Much useful info will be needed so your comments are most welcome and will help to arrange this with ease.

I have all my ideas written down and am looking at a large quantity of shots to be taken if all falls into place.
I also would like to do a couple of images not related to the theme :)

ms_destruction - Will you and Pippa beable to make it as we would need to know now asap please.

(View Post Here)
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Joy Division II: The Follow Up [18 Apr 2006|11:06am]

[ mood | creative ]

As I commented to Dave after last month's Joy Division shoot, the initial concept for the shoot seemed to grow into a more dystopian vision (Such as the forthcoming Digital Fatherland). I was curious to see if we could explore these themes of martial law and corporate states further.

Musically inspired by the works of Fear Factory (Notably their Obsolete album), Rammstein, and later Marilyn Manson. With such cinematic imagery of Equilibrium, Ultraviolet (Both by Kurt Wimmer, and come highly recommended), Blade Runner, and Akira.

The date of the shoot has been pencilled for the 9th July, with Pheemayl who is eager to work with Dave once again. Would anyone else be interested in being involved with this shoot?

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The "Joy Division" Shoot through Lacrimosa's eyes. [14 Mar 2006|06:16am]

Lacrimosa peterallison has written a LJ entry on what the "Joy Division" shoot was like for him, and it's great to have some feedback from a model's perspective.

You can find it here - http://kzl-101.livejournal.com/719.html?view=463#t463

And go friend him, he's a very nice chap.
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The "Joy Division" shoot Sunday March 12th 2006 [02 Mar 2006|06:05am]

Joy Division Logo

Sunday March 12th

tattered_alice, ebb, satellite_kid, Lacimosa and Caelia.

Declinegothica welcomes you to the twisted world of "Joy Division". A shoot of Military precision in a world of Facism gone mad! A collection of stark Black and White images with occasional hints of colour.

Props and Clothes: Anything Military, shiny fetish, Caps, Stockings and Heels, Guns, etc..
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Digiart Stock Shoot [19 Feb 2006|07:30pm]

Over the last few days I've been slowly uploading "Stock" images onto spida_x's new Digiart site. So far it's been mainly the ruins of Abbeys, Churches and Cathedrals I've photographed on my travels. What I would really like to do over the next few months is start getting some stock photos of the Declinegothica models on there for some of the other artists to use. There is already some amazing talent, including Dark Cryptorium, Hyde, Destiny and Conzpiracy.

Obviously it's great promotion for the models involved, as if their shot's get used by the artists, they'll end up with some great images for their portfolio. If anyone has seen Conzpiracy's latest work with tragic_wrath, I doubt you'll need much convincing!

Is anyone interested in getting involved? It would probably be us nipping down the local cemetery at first with a few props but might get a little more glamorous as time goes by.

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Digi Art Opening [16 Feb 2006|04:30pm]

Some of you might remember last year, myself and spida_x were discussing starting a "stock" account on Deviant Art.  The main idea being to encourage other artists and to get exposure for models that we'd work with.  Well he's gone one better than that and created his own Website called Digiart.  

The Site will officially open this coming Saturday, please go have a look, join up and display your work.

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Spida_X Custom LJ Layouts [12 Dec 2005|05:46pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

spida_x has been hard at work creating custom LJ layouts for some of the model friends of declinegothica.  His first two have been for tragic_wrath and satanicangel666 and you just have to see them!  He says it's easy, I think it's dead clever!  Great work mate!

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Sunday 22nd January 2006 - Virgin Nuns and Vampire Vixens [17 Oct 2005|08:15pm]


Sunday January 22nd 2006, will be the first Declinegothica shoot of 2006.

It will be a return to my Vampire roots and will feature mendees as a Vampire hunter, electrikhailo and satanicangel666 as the Virgin Nuns (Now there's a laugh to start with!) and tragic_wrath and satellite_kid will be the Vampire Vixens. So any vampy/ nunny/ crucifix/ gear would be great. I think we'll go for a modern interpretation rather than the 'Van Helsing' old style.

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Dark Cryptorium [07 Oct 2005|11:48pm]

I recently gave one of my shots of satanicangel666 to romanticism87 to work into an image for me. The result can be seen here - http://www.livejournal.com/users/romanticism87/9994.html
I think you'd agree, she's made a fabulous job of it!!
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Clothes for sale! [19 Sep 2005|05:18pm]


Hi, I'm desperately wanting to get rid of the following clothes, as I'm moving to London for uni tomorrow and could do with some extra money. I might be open to reasonable offers.

I have two items of Dark Angel clothing for sale, the first isthis (click for larger image):

Dark Angel page: http://www.thedarkangel.co.uk/catalogue2.php?p=135

I'm asking £30 for this, plus £2 p&p.

Dark Angel page: http://www.thedarkangel.co.uk/catalogue2.php?p=126

I'm also asking £30 for this, plus £2 p&p.

I can accept PayPal or cheques. Thanks.
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Dark Arts post [16 Sep 2005|01:26pm]

Saw this on netgoth as well, wondering if Dave or anyone else was interested?



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Shadow Fae birthday clothes!! [13 Sep 2005|04:30pm]

Ok I asked Dave about this a while ago and he said it was ok so....

I'm moving house these clothes must go!!!

I ordered these clothes back in January from www.shadowfae.com with money I had for my birthday. Due to being custom made, the clothes have only just arrived. During the 6 months my style has changed dramtically and I would no longer wear these clothes :/ I can't send them back as the site only gives refunds for incorrect sizing. My only option is to sell on these beautiful clothes so some other lucky people can have them. Prices do not include shipping (should be no more than £2 within the UK) I accept Paypal, Cheques (will wait to clear before posting) and Postal Orders. Please feel free to email me with any questions at hbough[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. Thanks for looking!!!

Traditonal Gothic/Lolita/Pin Up Style Clothes this wayCollapse )

X Posted to niceboots Items sold on a first come first served basis!!!

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September 25th Shoot [17 Aug 2005|03:26pm]


Just a little change of plans with our shoot on Sunday September 25th.

The team at present is of course tattered_alice, electrikhailo, blaak and bene_elim

I'll also be bringing in kamalaya as a fith model and ms_destruction, as the stylist.

I want to do something more cybery and futuristic with this shoot and ms_destruction has some experience of hair and clothing design , so she's the perfect choice.  Of course as usual I won't be sticking 100% to a theme but I need a starting point and this feels good.   

Also see tattered_alice's post below on her Serpentine ideas that we'll also mix into theme.

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Tomorrow's 'Evil Fairy' shoot. [13 Aug 2005|01:55pm]

Hi everyone!

Most excited about tomorrow. I was wondering what the current plans are? I was also wondering what you would like me and / or mendees to bring? I think I'll bring my flute as I do like the idea of luring little dark fairy minions to my service. *cackles with glee* ;P We're a little short on clothes I think, so if there's anything particular you have in mind in terms of costume Dave then some borrowing may be in order. I'll bring what I can find though. Also, should I straighten my hair or not?

tattered_alice - Can me and mendees meet up at yours tomorrow morning so we can all go down together (to the shoot, I mean!)?

See you all soon.

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